Re-lead Restoration vs. Repair for Stained Glass

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 Stained Glass Relead Restoration:  

Typically, window panels in need of complete re-lead restoration are marked by leads that are brittle and oxidized.  There may be areas of daylight visible through the lead matrix.  There may be broken lead joints or bowing out-of-plane.  All of these possible deficiencies are corrected during a re-lead restoration.  Re-lead restoration is the process by which the window panel is removed, dismantled, cleaned, and re-assembled with new lead came.  This process is equivalent to remaking the entire window with the original glass.

Faded paint

Bowed Area

Oxidized Lead

Stained Glass Repair:  

Many stained glass repairs can be accomplished on site without removing the window.  These include replacing individual broken pieces of glass, reattaching wind bars, even removing a slight window bow. 


A through window survey identifies stained glass in immediate need of repair or relead restoration.   Often, the condition of the stained glass varies within a church.  While some window may require relead restoration others may only need minor repair or no no work at all.  A window survey is essentially a  detailed master plan for the preservation of the stained glass.  If you have concerns regarding the condition of your stained glass; call us to schedule a free  window survey.